Our Mission

We started Adaptive to create a firm that provides expertise coordinating all areas of our clients’ financial worlds. We work hard to deliver completely objective, strategic, and prudent advice that is designed to help our clients maximize, preserve, grow, and ultimately transfer their wealth in the most efficient manner possible.

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Our Background

Our founder, Jeremy Thompson, started his career as a financial advisor working with successful business owners and high-net-worth individuals in 2001. As he worked with clients and other advisors over the years, he realized how rare it was that clients worked with advisors who understood all aspects of financial planning and could provide more than piecemeal components of a financial plan. Furthermore, most teams of financial advisors were primarily asset gatherers, providing mediocre investment services and bare-bones retirement planning while they focused on bringing in the asset management fees that drove revenue to their firms.


In founding Adaptive, Jeremy sought to create a firm that went beyond the simple asset-gathering mindset of most financial advisors – to build a company with extensive internal intellectual capital and third-party resources capable of guiding and coordinating our clients’ entire financial plan. Adaptive has invested heavily over the years in our understanding of tax mitigation strategies, investment management, estate and asset protection strategies, retirement planning and qualified and nonqualified plan design, and business owner planning. When we work with our clients, we strive to bring a level of comprehensiveness and synergy to financial planning that helps our clients maximize, preserve, grow, and ultimately transfer their wealth in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

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