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Growth Stage Business Owners

We work with many business owners who are in the early and growth stages of their businesses. These clients are focused primarily on acquiring new businesses and organically growing their existing businesses. For these clients, we design a variety of strategies for reducing current income taxes, increasing the amount they can save for retirement, and investing cash and savings to build long-term wealth.

Exiting Stage Business Owners

Many of our clients are business owners who are either in the process of selling their businesses or are several years away from doing so. For these clients, their primary concerns are to avoid large taxable events at the time of sale and to develop investment plans for their retirement assets. We help these clients in several important ways, including: making sure clients are maximizing their pretax deferrals in the several years before the sale of their business, mitigating taxes on the proceeds when the business is sold, and developing a transparent and cost-efficient plan for investing retirement assets.

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High Net Worth Individuals

A lot of our clients are either independently wealthy or have sold their businesses and now have a predominantly liquid net worth. For these clients, we will design investment plans for their assets, monitor and update retirement plans to ensure that assets will fully fund retirement, and work closely with our clients on their charitable and/or estate planning.

Qualified and Nonqualified Corporate Plans

Some of our clients are large privately or publicly owned corporations with company retirement plans and needs for executive benefit planning. For these clients, we typically work on both the plan design and asset investment level, and we are fiduciaries to the client under the new DOL Fiduciary Rule and ERISA laws. For qualified plans, we specialize in 401ks, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, and ESOPs. For nonqualified compensation plans, we specialize in welfare benefit plans, deferred compensation plans, and nonqualified stock option planning.

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