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Our focus in advanced planning aims to bring customized, sophisticated, and comprehensive financial and tax mitigation planning to our clients. We’ve found that people often have multiple advisors with specific specialties (such as an accountant or wealth manager), but most have rarely worked with advisors who understand all aspects of planning and can design a truly comprehensive plan based on tax mitigation and wealth generation strategies. Our advanced planning division was built to provide tax mitigation, asset protection, wealth transfer, and wealth generation strategies to our clients as part of a completely customized, comprehensive plan.

What is the Difference Between Core Planning and Advanced Planning?

Core planning is foundational – it establishes the basic building blocks for a family or business. For most people, this includes simple budget planning, estate planning (such as creating wills and trusts), and basic retirement planning.


Advanced planning is the universe of options for customizing a core plan, utilizing complex, opportunistic strategies to add dimension and scope in a more personalized approach. For Adaptive’s high net worth and high earning clients, we’re able to leverage our in-depth understanding of the subject material and our connections with third party resources to design and implement creative corporate and personal tax-mitigation strategies. 

What Can Be Done to Reduce Income Taxes?

Efficient tax planning can significantly reduce ongoing income tax liabilities. Often, we’re able to uncover significant planning opportunities that allow clients to reduce their stated incomes, which in turn enables clients to reduce the income taxes they pay on an annual basis. Some of the strategies we’ve used in the past include: designing advanced combo retirement plans, creating various insurance designs, and uncovering opportunities for clients to accelerate depreciation expenses and/or claim certain R&D tax credits.

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